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Reach your ideal customers with very specific targeting and the right message. 

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Turn your website into a salesmachine instead of a business card.

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Marketing automation


Be ready for the future of marketing and be competitive.


‘A marketing campaign that focuses on a specific target group instead of the product will succeed’.


Dirk Tuip

CEO SearchUser


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Choose your customer, your platform, your message 

As a B2B online marketing agency we understand that one message for all no longer works in B2B marketing. Your customers expect a message that is specifically for their personal (business) situation, their wishes, and their problems. Therefore SearchUser carefully chooses the best platform and the right personalized message for every customer type. We always use data as our compass.


Since 2009 we already worked on more than 500 marketing projects

Since 2009 SearchUser has been helping customers from all branches with a focus on B2B organizations. We work best with organizations that are looking for a long-term marketing partner, with a marketing department consisting of 0-5 people.


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