Stop looking at the number of your visitors.

The number of visitors tells us nothing. You neither.

It’s all about getting the most relevant visitors on your site, that actually have the need for your product.

SearchUser finds the right leads through the right platforms

After more than 500 different advertising customers, we can say that we have the necessary experience in almost every industry. This means that we also know what customers are looking for and where we can find them.

How we work

Once you are a customer, you will be linked to one of our advertising professionals, who will start with the keywords analysis, account setup, competition analysis, strategy and management for you.

All steps are carefully discussed: you will be kept informed of all activities. 

Increase your conversion through our specific landing pages

To all our advertising campaigns (lead generation) we link a specific landing page, specially developed by our sales psychologists.

These landing pages have a direct link to the content of the ad, which means that the ad text and the text on the landing pages will match automatically. In this way, the quality score of Google and BING is directly affected!

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