“Marketing automation has not only increased the authority of Q-Impact, we now also have a professional customer journey that brings in leads on a weekly basis.” 

Peter Wijnands, director Q-Impact 

Customer: Q-Impact

Branch: Consulting

Project: Marketing Automation + Content  

Question: ‘How do I get structured leads at my website?’

SearchUser steps

SearchUser steps

Step 1: Segmentation


Segmenting your target group is essential to create a personal sales message. That is why we always recommend to segment the target group into three groups: customer type, purchasing need and purchasing urgency.

Segmentation 1: Customer type

The ‘Customer journey’ of Q-Impact is organized per sector. We started with the Accountancy sector. An E-book is offered, specifically for this sector:

e-book accountancy branche


Segmentation 2purchase need


By the means of the download form of the e-book, Q-Impact segments on demand, which is specified on the training that Q-Impact can provide in this area:


After the download, each lead receives e-mail tips, based to its (development) needs.

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Segmentation 3Purchasing urgency

Q-Impact tries to find out the purchasing urgency within two ways. In the first e-mail a question is asked about the specific problems of the lead. This way, Q-Impact tries to get into a conversation with the lead, in order to find the urgency.

Example of e-mail tip 1 Leadership: Involve your employees 

At the end of the e-mail funnel, the leads receives an invitation for a telephone conversation – this e-mail is also sent as a reminder:   

Step 2: Foundation

Foundation is the way leads are collected, this can be by an e-book, a checklist, webinars, presentations, etc.

In this case, we choose for an industry-specific foundation: the e-book focussed on the accountancy industry.

Foundation: ‘The future of accountants offices’

e-book accountancy branche

Step 3: Range

  For the best result, the range should be as specific as possible. At Q-Impact we focused on director / shareholders of accountancy firms:

Step 4: Follow-up

 The follow-up consists of:

Welcome email series: meet with Q-Impact

Value email series: personalized tips

Sales email series: social proof + make an appointment at the touch of a button

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The result

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leads icon


€ per lead


What did we learn from this project?


1. Customer interviews are important

We believe that 75% of your marketing content should be ‘written’ by your own very best customers. Before we started on this case, we interviewed 5-10 customers of Q-Impact from the financial sector. That way, we got a good picture of their pain points and wishes. We used this to come to the right approach.

2. Have your foundation be assessed by your target group

Have your foundation be assessed by your target group We believe that you should always have your ‘foundation’, in this case the e-book, assessed first by your best customers. You can also have them judge multiple titles; this is important for the conversion of the e-book. 

3. A/B Test results 

Which ad do you think has won?



The answer: ad #2 has the highest clickthrough rate (CTR).


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