A lack of leads? No leads also means no conversions. Without conversions, your database will probably not be enriched with new potential customers. B2B lead generation is crucial for the success and growth of your organization. After mapping the target audience and the right channel to reach them. Generating leads is usually the next step in the sales process. SearchUser can help you with this step!

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SearchUser works according to a fixed model: audience, platform, giveaway, follow-up and analysis. This is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. We believe an online strategy can only be effective if this basis is well set up. 

The model visualizes the steps that make up the (digital) purchasing process. Proper implementation of these steps ensures the ultimate customer journey. In every step we focus on your business goals with the right KPIs, so the approach fits in perfectly. The performance is measured and optimized if necessary. Results are shared in monthly reports.



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When you have the perfect strategy to reach your target audience, the next step is: engage the target audience to your organization and generate leads. The growth of a company stands or falls with a strong inflow of new customers. A well thought-out strategy is the basis for lead generation. In this strategy we determine how we generate high-quality potential customers, or leads. Leads that are suitable for a follow-up, are interested in making an appointment and ultimately close a deal. The follow-up can also be fully automatic.



You can use different channels for lead generation. At Searchuser we use:

– Advertising → landing page → powerful opt-in

– Conversion optimization → powerful opt-in

– Website optimization → powerful opt-in

With a strong opt-in on clear landing pages with relevant content, leads are triggered to leave their data. This data is collected in a system and followed up. This can be further elaborated by SearchUser or by the customer.



Lead generation is one of the most important processes in your organization. Therefore you should constantly evaluate and analyse this. Is the lead generation and are your used tactics still effective? 

Through A/B testing you can find out which tactics work best. You can optimize the lead generation process based on data.


We use different channels to reach your B2B target group

We devise an effective strategy for each service and create a powerful opt-in to generate leads. This way we ensure that your database is filled with potential customers.