Do you know who your audience is? But do you think it is difficult to reach them? Do you wonder how you engage your B2B target audience to your brand and generate conversions? Digital marketing offers the solution. We live in a digital age and a mobile first world. However, those channels only pay off if they are used properly. SearchUser can help you with this!

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Reach the b2b target audience


SearchUser works according to a fixed model: audience, platform, giveaway, follow-up and analysis. This is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. We believe an online strategy can only be effective if this basis is well set up. 

The model visualizes the steps that make up the (digital) purchasing process. Proper implementation of these steps ensures the ultimate customer journey. In every step we focus on your business goals with the right KPIs, so the approach fits in perfectly. The performance is measured and optimized if necessary. Results are shared in monthly reports.



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To create the ideal strategy for an audience, we first map out the target audience. Based on buyer personas, we devise an effective approach to reach that audience. And this goes beyond superficial looking at some demographic data. In addition to demographic information, a buyer persona also contains the needs and issues that the target audience experiences and the media use. 

“A marketing strategy with buyer personas yields on average 124% more returns.”  –



When the buyer persona is complete, we know exactly where and how we can reach the B2B target audience. Of course we use the channel where the audience is present or use content that is relevant to the target audience. 

We ensure the website contains content that is relevant to the audience. Based on a keyword research we write or modify content. This increases the organic findability in search engines. This way your website shows up when the audience uses certain keywords. This increases conversions.



The results of campaigns are continuously monitored and analyzed. We also use A/B testing to see which ads or targeting performs best.

Based on this data we optimize the strategy and implementation. This is an ongoing process. We continuously strive for the highest attainable results. Every month we deliver a data report with the results and advise you about optimizations. 


We use different channels to reach your B2B audience:

We use the channel on which your target group is present. We devise effective campaigns for each channel and target them to the buyer persona. This way we ensure that we reach your ideal target group.


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