Digital strategy

What is the purpose of your website? Who is your target audience or Buyer persona? What are the touchpoints in the customer journey of your ideal customer? Which are the best channels to reach and activate your target audience or which CTA should you use to increase leads? 

Before we start our work, we strategize with you. Most of these questions are already well known to our clients. It is no news that you need a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy. Before we start a project, we look at the current strategy outlining our recommended techniques for reaching your target audience. 

As you know, no brand, product, industry, or campaign is the same. We work with you throughout the durations of the digital marketing efforts to ensure you reach your goals. We measure the effectiveness of our campaigns against those goals with KPI’s.

We can help you with:

Online Advertising

Reach your ideal customers with very specific targeting and the right message. We don’t just want to increase traffic to your website. We want the most relevant target audience to come to your website. At SearchUser we use industry-leading tools to discover more about your customer’s online activities interests, and demographics. We dive deep into your campaigns to see what is working and identify new opportunities. We use search engine advertising (Google Ads) and social advertising (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). 

The next step is to convert visitors into leads and to create a relationship between your company and a potential customer. Our landing pages are designed to help convert these visitors into leads.

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Marketing automation

Be ready for the future of marketing and be competitive. Marketing automation is a software platform that streamlines, automates, and measures marketing tasks and workflows. This allows you to be more efficient, increase revenue and grow into a more powerful marketing team. Marketing Automation helps you to target your target audience with the right message at the right time.

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Web development

Turn your website into a sales machine instead of a brochure. We develop WordPress sites. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). With multiple improvements being made each year, WordPress just keeps getting better as a CMS. WordPress is easy to use, has an intuitive interface and is fully customizable.  

At SearchUser we have an in house webteam; designers, CRO’s, copywriters and Web Developers. With our extensive experience our team works to create beautiful website design and engaging websites matching the requirements of our clients and their corporate identity.

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