New customers? Yes please! And preferably as quickly as possible of course. Everyone wants to speed up their sales, of course, but if you put too much pressure on it and are too pushy visitors and leads will drop out. How do you ensure that you trigger them enough at every stage of the customer journey and guide them to the sale at their own pace? This is exactly where SearchUser can help you with!

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SearchUser works according to a fixed model: audience, platform, giveaway, follow-up and analysis. This is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. We believe an online strategy can only be effective if this basis is well set up. 

The model visualizes the steps that make up the (digital) purchasing process. Proper implementation of these steps ensures the ultimate customer journey. In every step we focus on your business goals with the right KPIs, so the approach fits in perfectly. The performance is measured and optimized if necessary. Results are shared in monthly reports.



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Together with you we discuss the current situation, the business goals, the target audience and we go through the customer journey. Is the customer journey clear and relevant, or is there friction in a stage that makes them drop out? This is the most important part of the sales process. It doesn’t matter if you have a great web design or the best product in the world … If the customer journey isn’t smoothly or aligns to the target audience, you will never speed up your sales process. Based on this information we devise the most effective strategy.



We usually accelerate sales with the help of marketing automation. With proper lead generation you can collect email addresses through a powerful opt-in. During the implementation, we ensure that the email addresses are automatically placed in lists. In marketing automation we prepare an email follow-up. With (personalized) content you guide the leads through the customer journey and you stay on top of mind. When the leads are “hot” enough, they are transferred to sales.



In marketing automation you can track the exact behavior of the lead. Which pages the lead visits, which emails are opened and which links are clicked. Situations are optimized by analyzing and testing A/B. We optimize emails, landing pages and the content if it appears there’s a lack of conversions or it is no longer properly aligned with the stage in the customer journey.

This way we realize a sales process that binds your target group, encourages desired actions and makes sales-ready. With marketing automation you have control over the entire funnel and you speed up your sales.


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