Vision of SearchUser


1. Everything starts with segmented target groups.

The base of all sales and marketing activities is focus: know exactly who your target groups are or ‘ buyer personas ‘. Your target groups should be described as specific as possible. What is their function? What is their motive to take your product? Why should they not decline your product? What are their wishes and fears?


2. Approach your target group on the right platform.

Every platform has its own benefits – so you can use Facebook best if you want to target certain areas of interest to your target group, and use LinkedIn best if you want to target a particular job (e.g. HR managers)



3. Prepare your website to collect leads.

Don’t wait until your website leads give you a call. Give each website visitor a reason to leave their data. Think of a checklist, PDF, brochure, case study, e-book or white paper. This way you know – after the visitor has left his data – exactly what this visitor has ever done on the website. So all the behavior in the past, and in the future, is measured.


4.Speed up the sale with personalized content.

Once you’ve found and segmented the right leads, it’s important to send the correct follow-up. The time of 1 message for all is over. Your target group expects a message that exactly matches his personal (business) situation.

5. Measure everything, know everything.

Don’t just do something randomly, but measure where your leads and your new customers come from. And make choices based on data. Which pages do/do not work? Which ad texts do/do not work? Make sure you know where your organization should spend more time and budget. Our advice: Invest more in what works.